CALCULUS 3 (Math 2400)



Description: Continuation of MATH 2300. Topics include vectors, three-dimensional analytic geometry, partial differentiation and multiple integrals, and vector analysis.

Department enforced prereq:

MATH 2300 or APPM 1360 (minimum grade C-).

Credit not granted for this course and APPM 2350.

Course coordinator:

Dr. Janos Englander

office: MATH 324

office hours: TBA.

(The department office is on the second floor in MATH.)

No office hours on midterm days!

Section: 007

Time: 0300-0350 on MWF

Room: ECCR 116

All instructors

001 Steindl

0900-0950 MTWF

ECCR 116

002 Watts

1000-1050 MTWF

ECCR 116

003 Frinak

1100-1150 MTWF

ECCR 116

004 Moorhead

1200-1250 MTWF

ECCR 116

005 Bronstein

0100-0150 MTWF

ECCR 116

006 Weinell

0200-0250 MTWF

ECCR 116

007 Englander

0300-0350 MTWF

ECCR 116

008 Healy

0900-0950 MTWF


009 Rosenbaum

1100-1150 MTWF

STAD 112

010 Steindl

0800-0850 MTWF


011 Huang




012 Huang



FLMG 102


Recitations and TAs:

Calc 3 recitations meet on Tuesdays in the same room that the normal class meets. 

TA sections:

Berg (002, 003, 004)

Blakestad (001, 005)

Chhay (006, 007)

Lamar (008, 009, 011)

Washabaugh (010, 012)

TA offices and emails:

  1. Berg, Kevin, Math 200

  1. Blakestad, Clifford, Math 214

  1. Chhay, Boramey, Math 364

  1. Lamar, Jonathan, Math 201

  1. Washabaugh, Pearce, Math 214


Here is the PDF file of the written HW (not to be confused with WebAssign):


Department enforced prereq: 
MATH 2300 or APPM 1360 (minimum grade C-). 
Credit not granted for this course and APPM 2350

Advice: If you do not feel confident regarding the material in Calc 2, then you are strongly recommended to drop the course!


Please read CU policies HERE.


James Stewart:

Calculus, Concepts and Contexts,

Fourth Edition, Brooks/Cole, 2010.

You also need a Webassign account, which you can purchase either together with the book, or HERE.

A representative from the publisher (Cengage Learning) will be available in the Gemmill library on Tuesday, August 23, from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm to answer student questions about the textbook and getting enrolled in WebAssign.

You can buy directly from the publisher at this website

You can also buy the hard copy plus ebook plus multi-term access to on-line homework from the bookstore.

You can buy the textbook from other vendors, but make sure it includes access to on-line homework (EWA).

Lecture and Midterm schedule: 
Due date of corresponding WebAssign HW in ().


8/22: 9.1 (8/29)
8/24: 9.2 (8/31)
8/26: 9.3 (9/2)
8/29: 9.4 (9/6)
8/31: 9.5 (9/7)


9/2: 9.6 (9/9)
9/5: no class
9/7: 9.7 (9/14)
9/9: 10.1 (9/16)
9/12: 10.2  (9/18)
9/14: 10.3 (9/21)    
9/16: 10.5 (9/23)
9/19: MT1
9/21: 11.1 (9/28)
9/23: 11.2 (9/30)
9/26: 11.3 (10/3)
9/28: 11.4 (10/5)
9/30: 11.5 (10/7)


10/3:11.6 (10/10)
10/5: 11.7 (10/12)
10.7: 11/8 (10/14)
10/10: 12.1 (10/16)
10/12: 12.2 (10/19)
10/14: 12.3 (10/21)
10/17: MT2
10/19: 12.4 (10/26)
10/21: 12.5 -- part (10/28)
10/24: 12.6 (10/31)
10/26: 12.7 (11/2)
10/28: 12.8 (11/4)
10/31: 12.9 (11/7)


11/2: 13.1 (11/9)
11/4: 13.2a (11/11)
11/7: 13.2b (11/13)
11/9: 13.3 (11/16)
11/11: 13.4 (11/18)
11/14: MT3
11/16: 13.5a (11/27)
11/18: 13.5b (11/27)
11/28: 13.6a  (12/5)      
11/30: 13.6b (12/7)


12/2: 13.7 (12/9)
12/5: 13.8a (12/9)
12/7: 13.8b (12/9)
12/9: Review


Your course grade will be computed as follows:

written homework for recitation  10%

Participation and conduct in recitation  5%

web-based homework   15%

3 midterm exams   3X15= 45%

1 final exam   25%

The “participation and conduct”grade  is coming from your attendance, class participation and conduct, and is given by the TA. This grade is determined by the TA and the instructor, and they'll all just say what they'll do in class on the first day.  

Made on a Mac

Further information


A calculator (TI-83, equivalent or better) is useful for this course.

Work Load:

You will need to do a lot of reading on your own. There is no time to cover absolutely all the course material in class, but only the fundamental points that you need to understand in order to read the rest on your own. In addition to the “written homework assignments” and the “web-based homework”, it is your responsibility to make sure that you can solve all the exercises at the end of each section covered in this course. Use office hours and lab hours as much as you need to make sure of that. The exercises will be neither collected nor graded but you will be expected to know how to work them out by the next day of class if you want to be able to understand the lectures and follow the course normally.

Email Policy:

I (J.E.) will not answer questions about homework problems via email. Sorry! Should you have any such questions, please come to office hours or go to the  Help Lab (UMRC). The other instructors might have a different policy though.

If you happen to have any problem with WeBAssign,  then please contact Jeff at


Late homework will not be accepted.

But the lowest two scores will be dropped.

In the WebAssign HW, 10% of the problems will be dropped.

Midterm Exams:

The lowest MT grade will be replaced with the final exam’s grade if you choose so, provided the final is not canceled (say, because of snow).

Two missed MT means the course cannot be completed successfully. Whether it results in a drop, fail, or incomplete, depends on the personal circumstances.

We will have a review/practice in class on the day of the MT for each MT.

Final Exam:

December 15.

Exam policy:

The exams for this course are coordinated exams. Their times and dates are written in stone and

there are no make-up exams! Therefore make sure early on that you have no conflicts with work

schedules, other classes, other tests, travel plans, etc.

If you cannot make it because of emergencies or religious obligations, please talk to me.

The rooms for the exams will be announced in due time. Bring your CU student-ID to all your exams. You may be required to show it. The use of cellular phones, or any type of headset during tests is strictly forbidden.

UMRC (“Help lab”):

The Undergraduate Mathematics Resource Center is located in MATH 175. The Center will serve all students taking undergraduate Mathematics courses. For the hours please CLICK.