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Project ideas:

  1. Classify the irreducible G(2,1,n)-modules.
  2. Prove the hook length formula for the number of standard tableaux of a given shape.
  3. Explain how many times you need to shuffle a deck of cards using transpositions.
  4. Explain how to understand a molecule's structure using representation theory.
  5. Other?

The projects will include a paper that will be approximately 10 pages in length written so that another member of class can easily understand the material. The paper will be due the third week of April.

Writing software

While one can use most word-processing programs for typing in mathematics, those of you interested in pursuing careers in the sciences (or related fields) may want to consider learning some version of LaTeX. This program has the advantage that documents written look right, even if they are not necessarily mathematically correct.

If there is general interest, we may spend a class going over the basics of this editing language, including information on how to obtain and install the (free) software.