Discrete Mathematics

Some standard policies

  • Homework is due at the beginning of class on the listed date. No late homework will be accepted.

  • You should read the material in the textbook as well as attending lecture. Some homework problems may depend on material in the book which is not covered in class.

  • I encourage you to work in groups to solve the problems; your write-ups, however, should be completed individually.

  • I will assign homework on a weekly basis; I expect clearly organized and worded solutions (if you are able and willing to type even better). I will consider anything illegible to be wrong.

Two kinds of homework

Homework will come in two flavors.

  • Problem based homework. These assignments focus on learning the content of the course.

  • Writing based homework. These assignments focus on the communication of mathematics.

Eventually the expectation will be that the techniques you develop on your writing homeworks will carry over onto the problem based assignments. That is, by the end of the semester the writing on the problem based assignments should be at the same level as those of the writing based assignments.

Writing software

While one can use most word-processing programs for typing in mathematics, those of you interested in pursuing careers in the sciences (or related fields) may want to consider learning some version of LaTeX. This program has the advantage that documents written look right, even if they are not necessarily mathematically correct.

Instead of installing software one may also use cloud based services, such as ShareLaTeX.

The document we created in class is