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Cyber You're

Suggested by Kake
A place or location, as in Web site.
Faculty of seeing.
Kake adds: John White adds:

Marketplace Level You're

Suggested by Gareth ``Zweistein'' Leyshon
What you buy in a greengrocer's.
Belonging to a potato!

Yetanother You're

Suggested by Robin ``Feynmann'' Stevens
to be deprived of
liable to fall off

Lower Level You're

Suggested by Michael Wolf
as a verb, it means (roughly) to pull towards oneself or to pictorially depict. As a noun, it can mean a tie.
A large case where clothing is generally kept.

Effective You're

Suggested by Michael Wolf
something brought about by a cause
to cause effect
Lucky you didn't mention the verb meaning of ``effect'' or the noun meaning of ``affect''! - Ed.

You're Here

Suggested by Henry Braun
Here, here!
Command asking for someone - often a dog - to move closer to the speaker, twice.
Hear, hear!
Exclamation agreeing with what someone has just said.

Frequently Asked You're

Suggested by Aidan Westwood
Halley's comet arrives regularly...
...but it would arrive even less frequently than it does if it relied on the M60 to get around.
Why can't people get it right? It's not rocket science.

Graduate You're

Suggested by Meredith Bailey

Not long ago I (a mere college sophomore) gave a lecture on then vs. than to three grad students and a college professor who had just received a few comments about those words in a scientific paper he was writing.

Time sequence, as in ``I went to the store, then I went home.''
Comparison. ``People who understand this are smarter than people who don't.''

You're who?

Suggested by Meredith Bailey
Subject. Nominative pronoun, such as he, she, it, we, they.
Object. Objective pronoun, such as him, her, it, us, them.

Licenced You're

Suggested by Robin ``Feynmann'' Stevens
To grant permission for something.
What the traffic police often ask to see.
Lots of other words follow similar patterns, e.g. practise/practice, advise/advice - the latter being a good mnemonic, as the two words are pronounced differently.

All You're Worth

Suggested by Henry Braun
amassed valuables
amassed vandals

Selected Comments

  • Robert ``EdFromVP'' Green (relation) asks:
      I would like to add to your its/it's page a moan about the disappearance, even among the ostensibly educated, of this distinction. How many distressing times do we encounter criteria used with a single meaning?
  • Robert ``EdFromVP'' Green (relation) asks, at a later date:

      Another very depressing indicator of the increasing illiteracy of our society is the misuse of verbal in a context where oral is required.

      Thus, even highly educated university academics will write and talk of a verbal report, when they are referring to a report that has been presented orallly. A verbal report ought only to be used to distinguish it from ones that are symbolic (delivered through the medium of symbols); visual (through images) or musical (in the form of a piece of music), etc.

      When you are assaulted in this way, it is recommended that, with an air of innocence, you express disappointment that the report was not delivered in pictograms or in symphonic form.

  • Basic and Advanced You're