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M6 Toll - official name for BNRR announced

The following announcement was posted on http://www.bnrr.co.uk/news_5.htm

19 October 2001

Transport Minister John Spellar today announced the Birmingham Northern Relief Road (BNRR) will be known as the ``M6 Toll''.

John Spellar said: The decision to call the motorway the ``M6 Toll'' was made after the Highways Agency and Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions looked at several options and canvassed the views of key stakeholders.

``M6 Toll'' emphasises the strategic importance of the BNRR in the national motorway network and makes very clear that it is a toll road. It will also provide a unique name for the BNRR and differentiate it from the existing M6 motorway.

There is strong support in the region for ``M6 Toll'' and an endorsement of the BNRR's importance as a strategic through route. But there is also a clear message that good traffic signing is important to enable drivers to use the motorway network effectively.

The Highways Agency and the BNRR concessionaire, Midland Expressway Limited will now develop the detailed traffic signing proposals, involving key stakeholders in the process so that information for drivers is fully effective.

Commenting on the name, Tom Fanning, Managing Director, Midland Expressway - the Company responsible for building and operating the road - said: ``We are delighted to welcome Mr Spellar to our site at Shenstone today to make this significant announcement. The new name of M6 Toll is geographically fitting and it will also clearly signify to drivers that they have a choice between the existing M6 and our reliably efficient tolled alternative.''

During his visit the Minister also had the opportunity to view construction progress at the southern end of the route, as well as the Sand and Gravel Processing Operation. This operation will save 400,000 lorry journeys in the construction of the road, through processing the materials excavated from the cutting south of Weeford and re-using them in the motorway construction.

Nic Blinston comments:

Although the page above makes some valid points, I still think that ``M6 Toll'' is a feeble name for Britain's newest (and first toll) motorway.

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