Kempner Colloquium

Unless otherwise stated, the time and meeting place for the Kempner Colloquium is 4.15 on Monday in Benson 180.

Fall 2009 Schedule




Monday, August 24
Eckhard Meinrenken (University of Toronto) Dirac structures and Dixmier-Douady theory [Abstract]
Monday, September 14
Dan Stroock (MIT) An Ergodic Theorem for Gaussian Measures [Abstract]
Monday, September 28
Chris Seaton (Rhodes College) Sector decompositions for orbifolds [Abstract]
Monday, October 19
Peter Elliott (CU) Integer points on cubic surfaces [Abstract]
Monday, October 26
Jean Renault (Université d'Orléans) Gibbs states and C*-algebras [Abstract]
Monday, November 2
Aaron Lauve (Texas A&M University) Nichols algebras and pointed Hopf algebras [Abstract]
Monday, November 9
John Roe (Pennsylvania State University) Eta invariants in the context of the analytic surgery sequence [Abstract]

If you have any questions concerning this colloquium, please contact Richard Green.

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