Vacuum Cleaner Patch v1.2

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This patch adds one object, the vacuum cleaner, and one extended command, #dump.
Thanks to all the folks at who gave comments and suggestions, especially K. Bailey whose idea for my bag of tricks patch inspired this patch.


When you (a)pply the vacuum cleaner, it sucks up all the items on the floor of the square where you are. The vacuum cleaner will not suck up boxes or certain Objects Which Cannot Be Contained. The vacuum cleaner will also not hold more than 600 NWU (nethack weight units). To empty the vacuum cleaner, use the #dump command.
The #dump command will move all of the contents of a container to the floor. Certain containers cannot be #dumped: Locked boxes, cursed magic bags, and Schroedinger's box.
Since this patch adds a new object, save/bones file compatibility with Vanilla is broken.

Thoughts for future versions

  • #dumping a cursed bag of holding will work, but some items will be destroyed
  • The brand name of the vacuum cleaner may be discovered by reading it
  • Version Information

    Changes in v1.1
  • Applying a cursed vacuum cleaner has a 1 in 6 chance of producing a dust vortex
  • Updated to 3.4.2 code base
  • Changes in v1.2
    Updated to 3.4.3 code base.