Grudge Patch v1.5

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This simple patch allows various monsters to attack certain other types of monsters without prior provocation (i.e. they just don't like each other.) (Currently the Dev Team only provides for this behavior in the case of a purple worm attacking a shrieker.)
This patch doesn't change bones/save file compatability.

Grudge pairings added in this patch:

  • Quest guardians (not leader) vs. hostile monsters
  • Angels vs. demons
  • Elves vs. orcs
  • Woodchucks vs. the Oracle

  • Since the Oracle doesn't directly attack, the patch also extends the Oracle's passive attack to affect monsters (with YAFM for woodchucks).

    Grudge pairings considered but rejected:

  • Dogs vs. cats
  • Cats vs. rats
  • Birds vs. snakes
  • Croesus vs. gold golems
  • Prisoners vs. hostiles
  • Version information

    Changes in v1.1
    Quest leaders no longer part of grudge vs. hostile monsters. As Dylan O'Donnell pointed out, it would be a Bad Thing for the quest leader to be taken out before you get your quest. Changes in v1.2
    Updated to 3.4.1 code base.
    Changes in v1.3
    Added Raven vs. Floating eye grudge (inspired by Matthew Cline [])
    Changes in v1.4
    Updated to 3.4.2 code base.
    Changes in v1.5
    Updated to 3.4.3 code base.