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Nathan Wakefield

University of Colorado at Boulder

Department of Mathematics


Research Interests

Arithmetic Dynamics

Number Theory

(specifically computer applications of number theory)

Mathematics Education

Aerospace Science

Aviation Physiology

(Specifically Protecting Pilots From Noise Induced Hearing Loss)



I was born and raised in Northern Colorado, and have lived in Colorado my entire life. My undergraduate education was from MSCD. Teaching mathematics at a college seemed like an ideal job and attending UNC to work on a Ph.D. in Educational Mathematics the ideal path. After two years in the program I still wanted more of the pure mathematics and so I began a Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Colorado. My research at CU is in Arithmetic Dynamics. Teaching is still one of my passions. My wife works as an audiologist for Cornerstone Audiology and so I also have found mathematica models of the cochlea to be fascinating.


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