MATH 4510: Intro to  Probability

Spring 2017

MWF 10:00PM-10:50PM

Room: ECCR 151

Instructor: Dr. Janos Englander

How to reach me:

Office: MATH 324.

Phone: 303-492-4846 (with voice mail)

Office Hours:    Monday and Friday 11-12



Grader and her email:

Huiyu Zhang


*MATH 2400 (Calc 3) or APPM 2350

*MATH 3130 (Linear algebra)

*Credit NOT granted for this course and APPM 3570, ECEN 3810, or      MATH 3510.

Warning: In the course we will use double integrals several times. You really need to know this stuff from Calculus! If you are not comfortable with double integrals, you may want to reconsider taking this course.

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Course Content:


1) combinatorial probability

2) random variables

3) discrete and continuous distributions

4) joint distributions

5) expected value

6) Law of Large Numbers and Central Limit Theorem

(This is more or less the first 8 chapters in the book.) 

If time permits, we will study the basics of  Poisson processes and Markov chains.

(This is the beginning of Chapter 9.)

Course Grading:

10 percent: Attendance

25 percent: HW 

13 percent: First Midterm

12 percent: Second Midterm

40 percent: Final Exam


The required text for this course is

A First Course in Probability, 8/E ,

by Sheldon Ross  



It's important you buy this book because:

  1. There will be required reading from the book

  2. Homework assignments will come from the book

  3. I will test on material from the book

  4. It will help you get a better grade in my course

There is a new (9th) edition too, but we will follow the numbering of the 8th edition in the HW.

Enrollment questions:

Please see the Registrar's web page, or call their office. If you still have problems, then see Tiffany at the Math. Dept. Office


Exam Dates:

Midterms: March 13 (M) and April 12 (W), in class

Final is on May 8 (M) 1:30 p.m.– 4:00 p.m.


Last year’s midterm: CLICK

A final from 2009: CLICK

A final from 2011: CLICK

Another MT with solutions: SOLUTIONS 


Always Friday to Friday. After February 20, I won’t accept late HW for any reason!

(1) The numbers refer to the textbook (8th edition). NOT the theoretical exercises and NOT the self-test problems. Although they are useful too.

(2) You are strongly encouraged to use LaTeX for typing homework.  If you have a mac, one possible easy way to get started is with texshop. If you are using linux, there are a number of other possible ways to go, using emacs, ghostview, etc.

(3) Homework is due in class and must be stapled, with your name and homework number on it, to receive credit.

SET 1: (Due February 3, Friday in class)

Chapter 1, Problems 7, 9, 13, 15, 18, 20, 27, 30

Read Chapter 1 and 2.1.-2.3

SET 2: (Due February 10, Friday in class)

Chapter 2, Problems 1,2,3,8,11,15,16

Read Chapter 2 and 3.1.-3.2c

SET 3: (Due February 17, Friday in class)

Chapter 3, Problems 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Read Chapter 3.3

SET 4:  (Due February 24, Friday in class)

Chapter 3, Problems 13, 14, 15, 23, 26, 31(a)-(b)

Read Chapter 3.4, 3.5

SET 5:

Chapter 4, Problems  1, 2, 3, 5, 25(a)-(b), 28

Read Chapter 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6

SET 6:

Chapter 4, Problems  30(a)-(b), 33, 38(a)-(b), 40, 51, 52, 57(a)-(b)

Read Chapter 4.7, 4.8.1, 4.8.3

SET 7: 

Chapter 5, Problems  3,4,6,7,11,13

Read Chapter 4.10, 5.1, 5.2

SET 8: 

Chapter 5, Problems  15, 19, 21 (see table on p. 201)

Chapter 6, Problems 10, 11, 21

Read Chapter  5.3, 5.4 (except 5.4.1), 5.5, 6.1

SET 9: 

Chapter 6, Problems 22, 23, 26, 27, 29, 39

Read Chapter  6.2



Enrollment questions:

Please see the Registrar's web page, or call their office. If you still have problems, then see Tiffany at the Math. Dept. Office

Eating/drinking policy: That’s fine.

Texting policy: No texting in class.

Graded homework policy: It’s fine to keep the graded homework, but if you chose to keep it, then there will be no further discussions on partial credits.

Last but not least: